What readers say about James Brakken’s writing:

 Some of the critical reviews of James Brakken’s 9 books

and more than 140 short stories and poems:


“Wonderfully written …. Compelling” “A good piece of writing with suspense and action …” Prof. Jerry Apps, award-winning Wis. author.


“Weaving mystery into history, James Brakken’s writing vivifies the tumultuous nature of 19th-century life in the legendary north woods.”

Michael Perry, NYT bestselling Wisconsin author


“Open with caution. You won't want to put this one down.”

LaMoine MacLaughlin, President, Wisconsin Writers Association


“A fascinating tale … “Rip-roaring action …” “So well-written.” “Difficult to put down; a great read.” Publisher’s Weekly Magazine


“The writing style of this piece is its greatest strength.” “The flow of the words is like an old fashioned song.” Amazon Books


“It’s the dialog and characters that drive The Treasure of Namakagon, a book that, if the audience for (adventure novels) was more like it was in the 1950s, would likely be sitting at or near the top of the best seller’s lists. It appears as if author James A. Brakken is determined to make a go of this series, and … he’s made at least one fan of this reader.” Judge at 22nd Writer’s Digest Book Awards


“James Brakken has captured all of the current science, technology, and leadership necessary to preserve our lakes and streams.”

Mary Platner, Founder and Past-president of Wisconsin Lakes.

 Saving Our Lakes & Streams should be required reading for all state, county, and town officials, for those who plan a career in natural resources, and for everyone who treasures water recreation.

Dan Small, Outdoor Wisconsin TV & Wisconsin Outdoors Radio

 “A twisting, thrilling mix of mystery, adventure, and legendary treasure. Wisconsin history buffs will find this book a treasure in itself. An exciting adventure for all ages.” Waldo Asp, AARP Chairman


“In scene after scene, the reader is surrounded by the beauty of pristine woods and lakes, rooting for the good guys to beat out the greedy.” A. Y. Stratton, author of Buried Heart


“I thoroughly enjoyed it!” Larry Meiller, WI Public Radio host.



2013 Lake Superior Writers Award (1st Place)

4  Lake Superior Writers Award (1st Place)

2014 Wisconsin Writer's Assn JADE RING Award
(1st Place)

2016  Lake Superior Writers Award (1st Place)

2013 AMAZON BREAKTHROUGH NOVEL AWARD 2nd Place winner in General Fiction out of 10,000 worldwide entries.

Several Honorable Mention awards.

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