In the writing of this book I have not only learned about the different generations of my Tanner family, but also about the history of our country of which they played a part. It is my hope that the reader will not just read about places, names, and dates in these various chapters, but will come away with the realization that they have learned about some of the history that has taken place over the past 360 years forward, some of which were not only about my Tanner family, but some of which may be their own.

Table of Contents


15th through 17th Century Tanners of England

The England-Jamestown Connection

The Early History of Tanners in Colonial Virginia

I Joseph Tanner 1st

II Edward Tanner 1st

III Joseph Tanner, son of Edward Tanner 1st

IV John Tanner 1st

V David Tanner

VI David Cofil (Coffield) Tanner

VII John H. Tanner

VIII George Washington Tanner

IX George Edward Tanner

X The Jennings and William Tanner Family History

XI Baptist Preacher John Tanner, Jr.

XII John "The Falcon" Tanner, Indian Captive


My Tanner Family History (Ships Free!)

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Gary M. Tanner traces his family history from 1444 England to his ancestors' arrival in the New World in the 1600s, to modern times. Filled with many fascinating stories, not just of the Tanners, but of American History. Includes a look at the life of John Falcon Tanner, the adventurer, war hero, and famous author of a book regarding being raised by and living among Ottawa and Ojibwe people during the early 1800s. 240 page color softcover. Many illustrations, maps, diagrams, and photos. 8.5 X 11.

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