Two books by a Bayfield County athlete determined to run, bike, and ski his way into our hearts and the record books. Each volume offers fresh looks at the people and places he visits on his treks.

More than books on how, where, or when to run, Anderson offers his readers wonderful behind-the-scenes views of North America and beyond. Order yours directly from him by sending a check or M.O. for $14.99 USD to Jim Anderson, 40255 Cable Sunset Rd, Cable, WI 54821 or order online below from his publisher,

Pedal, Pole, & Pant: Canada & Beyond (Ships Free)

$ 14.99 USD

NEW! Lace up and join athlete, Jim Anderson, for a great tour of Canada and beyond, 26.2 miles at a time. 200+ page softcover with many, many photos plus people and places you'll want to visit again and again, if only within these pages. 

Discovering America One Marathon at a Time (Ships Free)

$ 14.99 USD

You'll enjoy this great, behind-the-scenes look at the USA through the eyes of a runner who, in his fifties, began a quest to run a marathon in every state. Many photos. 166 pages. Price includes WI sales tax, shipping & handling. Both books are signed & shipped by the author.

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Author and athlete Jim Anderson didn’t coin the line, “ordinary people can do extraordinary things,” but he certainly proves it to be true. At the age of fifty, he pledged to run a marathon in every state. He completed the quest in only twelve years. Now, lace up and join Jim for a down-to-earth, feet on the ground tour of Canada and beyond, 26.2 miles at a time.

Stories discovered in Canada:

--A black bear starts the Aroostook War

--A former slave helps bring cattle ranching to Canada 

--Vancouver is started by a saloon keeper

--The only pitched battle fought in Canada since independence

--An eagle saved on Northwest Territory’s Great Slave Lake

Run, bike, and ski adventures:

--Running along the Yukon River in what most consider North America's toughest trail marathon

--Skiing 39 American Birkebeiner races and running 89 marathons

--Riding a mountain bike race across Teddy Roosevelt’s North Dakota Badlands

--Skiing Canada’s Birkebeiner with a thirteen-pound pack

--Running on The Great Wall of China

--Running a marathon on North America’s oldest street in Newfoundland

This is the backstory of each event—the people, the history, the charm of each new place—that fascinates and inspires.

Chapter after chapter presents unique perspectives missed by everyday travelers as we run, ski, and bike alongside Jim Anderson through Canada, Mexico, and beyond.



Told he was too old to run a marathon in every state, Jim Anderson laced up his running shoes and took on the challenge. Twelve years later, he completed his goal and gained a unique appreciation for our nation and its history.

 Stories of America discovered

·        The grandson of our tenth president lives on.

·        A town starts from a boxcar left after a train wreck.

·        An Iowa farm girl saves a passenger train.

·        Andersonville prisoners’ prayers for water are answered.

·        A cross country skier passes away, yet completes his 20th American Birkebeiner.

 And the author’s quest to run in every state

·        Running through 4 cities in 2 states in 1 race…

·        Finishing in front of 100 Scottish Clans on Grandfather Mountain…

·        Making his way through the Hatfield and McCoy Feud country…

·        Running the Chisholm Trail…

·      Running the world’s highest paved marathon … and 45 more!

 These all come together in an inspiring story of a senior marathoner who saw America’s history come alive while fulfilling his dream.

Words by Gary Crandall on the Accomplishments of Jim Anderson:

Goals. We all set them. Some large. Some not. Most come from within. Some are inspired by others.

Jim Anderson, a Wisconsin public school teacher closing in on retirement, had a fellow tell him, “At your age, you could never run a marathon in every state.” Though not meant as a challenge, one marathon soon led to the next and the next. Twelve years later, Anderson crossed yet another finish line, allowing him to join that finite group of determined athletes who have run a marathon in each of our nation’s states.

This is more than a book about how to run or where or why or when. True, the struggle to complete these fifty arduous races captures attention. How could it not? But it is the backstory of each event—the people, the history, the charm of each new place—that fascinates. Chapter after chapter presents another atypical look at our land, unique perspectives missed by everyday travelers.

As one who has organized, coordinated, and participated in many athletic competitions, I can say that this book, Jim Anderson’s chronicle of discovering America one marathon at a time, is both fascinating and inspiring as well as an amazing goal conquered.

Gary Crandall

Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival Director

2003 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductee

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