JULY 1st!

Get a $1, $3, or a $7 rebate on any 1, 2, or 3 book order from this website. Mix or match. And we pay the sales tax, too. Just order the books online, send me an email that you did, and your $1, $3 or $7 refund check will be in your book when it arrives. What could be easier? JB

Yes! To celebrate the release of TOR LOKEN & THE DEATH OF CHIEF NAMAKAGON, BVP will refund $1 when you purchase any book directly from JAMES BRAKKEN or from THE HOME PAGE of this website. Buy two and get $3 off, buy 3 books and get $7 off! THIS OFFER WILL REMAIN AVAILABLE THROUGH JULY 1st.  HOW TO ORDER: 1. CLICK on HOME. 2. SELECT any book and pay with paypal or credit card. 3. MIX or MATCH any books on the Homepage. Place your order(s). 4. Send an EMAIL to telling how many you ordered. 5. Your $1, $3, or $7 check will be in your book when it arrives by mail. That's it!    Oh, yes, every book over 3 will be shipped with another $3 refund. Thanks for your order and for helping us celebrate!                 BVP

Ready? Click here for the Home Page and start your order.

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