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June 27: Free Book Launch Celebration for Short Story Collection, Billyboy, the Corner Bar Bear Plus 36 Fairly True Tales from Up North. Join local author, James Brakken at the Sawmill Saloon in Seeley at 6 PM for a Dutch treat dinner followed by a slideshow talk from 7 – 9 PM. Door prizes. All ages. Benefits local historical societies.

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 Join Bayfield County author, James Brakken, at Redbery Books, Saturday, June 30 from noon until 2 PM. See his latest Cable-area short story collection, Billyboy, the Corner Bar Bear Plus 36 Fairly True Tales from Up North. Swap some stories with James and you might find your story in his next short story book.


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You may have heard bits and pieces of the tale of murder fugitive, Ray Olson. Now it's time you learned the whole story---the story that the government didn't want folks to know. It all started with slot machines being sabotaged. Ray Olson, a guide and handyman for  several area resorts, was singled out by the police. An attempt to bring him in led to a high-speed chase through Hayward, then a stolen car, and finally a double-homicide on the Chippewa Flowage. This led to Wisconsin's largest-ever manhunt and a series of amazing close calls and at least 8 escapes as Ray Olson sought refuge in the Chequamegon Forest. His plight altered life in the north.

More shows coming soon! Join James at one of the upcoming PowerPoint slide discussions and learn the truth!

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A "user's manual" for all who love our lakes. Many tips and tricks to improve water quality, protect the fishery and other recreational uses, and even protect property values. A "must-have" for cabins, resorts, short-term rentals, and campsites. Sales tax & shippng paid by BVP!

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Contains 53 macabre illustratons by long-deceased artists! With DARK'S title changed and new stories added, it's perfect reading for dark and strormy nights or under the covers with a flashlight.
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The Moose and Wilbur P. Dilby
Plus Thirty-six Fairly True Tales from Up North

Stories from the good old days, straight from the heart and the heart of the north. Some are sad, some are shocking. Some are simply hilarious, but they’re all fairly true, more or less.
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The Secret Life of Chief Namakagon (SHIPS FREE!)

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Who was Namakagon BEFORE he came

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Tor Loken & the Death of Chief Namakagon

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A fast-paced, fact-based 1886 murder mystery. Illustrated. 236 pages. Includes maps to the Marengo silver diggings. Signed.

Learn the facts behind Chief Namakagon's suspicious death as, with Tor Loken, you solve the mystery. Join Tor and Rosie as they save the tribal silver.

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An 1883 lost treasure and lumberjack adventure. 26 stories woven into a great lumberjack tale. Set in Bayfield and Sawyer Counties in northern Wisconsin and in Chicago. Fiction based on fact. Text and 63 illustrations by James A. Brakken.


"Weaving mystery into history, "The Treasure of Namakagon" vivifies the tumultuous nature of 19th-century life in the legendary northwoods." Michael Perry, bestselling Wisconsin author.

"Great story. I liked it!."  Larry Meiller, Wisconsin Public Radio host.

... a very talented writer. Consider me fan!" Jeff Rivera, Media personality, bestselling author.

"Open with caution. You won't want to put this one down."  LaMoine MacLaughlin, Author, President, Wisconsin Writers Association.

Brakken’s new book animates the long history of conflicts over Wisconsin’s water and mineral resources. Eric Olson, UWEX-Lakes Director.

"A twisting, thrilling mix of mystery, adventure and legendary treasure, still waiting to be found. .... ...a great fund raising idea for our lake associations. ... Wisconsin history buffs will find this book a treasure in itself. exciting adventure for all ages. Waldo Asp, Northwest Waters President and AARP County Chairman

"Like a live history lesson, Brakken takes his readers on a ride down Northern Wisconsin’s untamed Namakagon River, back when giant virgin forests lured heroic lumberjacks to seek their fortune. In scene after scene, the reader is surrounded by the beauty of pristine woods and lakes, rooting for the good guys to beat out the greedy ones, even learning step by step how to place the giant saw so the magnificent tree falls in just the right place." A. Y. Stratton, author of Buried Heart

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Namakagon stood to meet them. He was broad-shouldered and a half-foot taller than anyone in the room. He had black hair and a full beard. His buckskin clothes were clean and neat. A diamond-shaped silver medallion was neatly stitched onto his shirt. A dark belt around his waist supported a sheathed knife and two buckskin pouches. 


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 Above: "One pouch held tobacco. In the other was a map and an old pocketknife with one broken blade, a battered silver pocket watch, an old gold medal, and a very old tintype photograph.  Scratched into the back of the photo was ‘1868'."                                                          

Below: Charlie Martin on a star load of twenty-footers.

This is a thrilling north woods adventure, based very closely on historical facts from the 1880s logging days near Cable and Hayward, Wisconsin.

Join with 16 year-old Tor Loken as he and his mentor, Chief Namakagon, work to outwit the big timber tycoons and protect the secret of the silver mine. (This mine truly existed and has not been found since the chief's death in 1886.)

Entire book available NOW for Kindle and all other readers! See the first 10% free before deciding to purchase. [Purchase price is just $.99 for a limited time]

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The novel:

This north woods adventure is written and illustrated by Wisconsin conservationist James A. Brakken.  See more on the 'About Us' page, above.

This is historical fiction based closely on many facts surrounding the Great Lakes states' timber boom of the 1880s and the legendary lost silver mine near Lake Namakagon in northwestern Wisconsin.

 Themes and concepts in this story are rich and varied. See the 'Themes and Concepts' page for more. 

Author readings available at your community club, library or school. Contact the author today.

The ebook is now available at, Amazon and B&N. They can be read on your personal computer, Nook, smart phone, blackberry, I-pad, or on any of a number of other e-readers, including the Kindle. Click on the box link at top of page.

Questions??? Contact James Brakken: 715 798 3163 or

The Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Omaha and Northwestern train was known by most as the 'Omaha'. 

See free excerpts and chapters RIGHT NOW! Just go to the top of this page and click on

'CLIPS from the book'

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Imagine . . . you find a box containing items from years past, including a decaying map and a journal written about one year in an 1880s lumber camp. The journal tells the story:

After a daring 1883 rescue, Ingman Loken frees his 16 year old nephew, Tor, from a child labor scheme in a Chicago coal plant. Ingman brings him to the Loken' s lumber camp in far northwestern Wisconsin. There, Tor meets Namakagon, an Ojibwe Chief who knows of a secret silver mine. They soon learn that a sinister lumber baron intends to stop the Lokens from driving their timber down the river. Only a confrontation between the lumberjacks from the two lumber camps will decide who rules the river . . . the industrialists or the people. 

More information can be found on this website and by e-mailing

This book will give you a glimpse into Wisconsin’s single greatest economic event: The harvest of the largest stand of white pine in the world, a timber cache that was estimated to take 1,000 years to cut but was gone in just fifty. Tens of thousands of lumberjacks descended on the north hoping to harvest the ‘green gold’. Many northern Wisconsin towns sprang up and then boomed into bustling cities, full of life, fast money, loose women, ne'r-do-wells, businessmen and lumberjacks. Most of those boom towns failed soon after the pine was cut, shrinking to impoverished settlements and, in some cases, vacant ghost towns. Wasteful practices, poor management and outright greed prevailed. The great Wisconsin pinery, as it was called then, will never return. What remains today are the descendants of the lumberjacks and others who followed them along with the rich, rich history they contributed. 

 .  the legendary lost silver mine .

What also remains is the quest to find the Namakagon mine. 1880s newspaper accounts prove it existed. It's location is still a mystery and many still search for the Treasure of Namakagon today. Your search for the treasure begins with the map below and the above links to other pages in this website. Good luck!

Below: "There, on the back, was what looked like a map."

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